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“A gathering of responsible individuals in one place and of like mind, 

are more valuable, powerful and influential than most people dare to realise.”

TEC Collective

Calling all visionaries

Truth - Empowerment - Community

The Truth, Empowerment, Community (TEC) Collective, 

was founded in the belief that there are millions of people who, 

like us, are acutely aware that we are living in unprecedented and 

divisive times, with an important battle going on for the hearts and minds 

of humanity between two opposing narratives:

• One driven by failing government health policies, compromised 

public institutions and autocratic corporate cartels, who are focused 

on subjugating people through a fear and disease-based narrative, 

with the sole purpose of increasing dominance and financial gain.

• The other driven by authentic, compassionate and mindful people 

around the world, who are focused on the advancement of a connected 

health and wellbeing narrative, with the sole purpose of using our collective 

power and influence to defend individual freedoms and independent thought, 

with love and integrity.

The time has come for each of us to choose which narrative will become our legacy

The TEC Collective is simply a unified movement of people with a passion for the health and wellbeing of people and planet. As a collective voice and with our combined skills, talents and resourcefulness, we can challenge any government policy and/or corporate practice that works against us and our environment. We can do this best by designing and developing an economic blueprint that values life and liberty in the truest sense, free from the corruption and extortion that has become ubiquitous throughout governments, public institutions and giant corporations.

“Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life”

Bob Marley

It’s time

To improve the health and wellbeing of the community, by growing a rich profusion of biodynamic, nutritious and affordable food at a local level, and by making holistic, safe and effective treatments and therapies accessible and affordable to all.

All that’s required is collective agreement.

We Agree … Do You?

To produce clean and affordable energy and fuels at community level, creating circular value that supports meaningful and inclusive opportunities, for the benefit of individuals and the prosperity of the community as a whole.

We Agree … Do You?

To collectively and consciously agree to co-create a far better more equitable and stable form of trusted exchange, that values the health and wellbeing of

people and planet first and foremost.

We Agree … Do You?

Join the movement, make it happen!

Let's all stand together,

on the same page,

on the same wavelength,

in Truth, Empowerment and Community


Straightforward Disclaimer:

Participation in any TEC Collective project is in no way to be taken as a promise of anything. In these uncertain and unpredictable times, we don’t have all the answers on what the future holds, but we do know that we have the capacity to live thriving lifestyles in a flourishing natural environment, and we present that possibility through the organic and dynamic growth of the Inspiration Hub, the TLC Project and the TEC Collective. All offers and suggestions of collaboration on any projects and/or platforms, are made with no guarantee of any particular outcome or any amount of reward. 

Involvement is intended to be seen by participants, more as a Socially Empowering Experiment (SEE) with the potential to give life real meaning and joy. We are committed to proving that wellbeing can be achieved through a re-connection to ourselves, the communities in which we live and our environment and we would like to welcome all those who feel the same. It should go without saying, but seeing as this is a disclaimer we’ll say it anyway, if you do decide to participate and/or collaborate on any of the TEC Collective Projects and/or platforms, please do so mindfully and with authenticity and integrity. 

All fear based and manipulative ego acts, whether human or artificial, will not be accepted at any time and as such, 

any instances of prejudice, hate, bullying, spamming, data hacking, will result in the termination of 

access to any project and/or platform. 

Aside from that, we hope you decide to get involved and have some fun with it!

TEC Collective © Silverdragon Wellbeing Ltd 2021