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Image: New Pioneers by Mark Henson


How do we begin building a new way of living on our planet Earth?

How do we obtain the resources we need to coordinate the changes required?

Imagine a new currency that rewards the regeneration of the planet and the wellbeing of people as a foundation.

Imagine a world that focuses on helping communities to thrive rather than centralised governance and 

concentrated wealth to a few corporations and elite individuals.

If we can agree to co-create a new story to live by and move away from the current one, then

what would that look like and where do we start?

A New Ecosystem

A Regenerative Economy

Building a new ecosystem by sharing knowledge and resources to thrive together

with organising patterns inspired by Nature - Bio-mimicry, working with Nature.

Our vision is to build new types of financial governance and organisations that birth 

a new type of economic system.

Could this then serve as a new type of civilisation?

A civilisation that distributes value to our communities and not 

concentrating the wealth only to a few.

This raises the questions:

How do we most distribute value to our communities?

How do we most align our collective vision to our societies?

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Value in People

We’re all VIP’s

Keeping in mind that the debt-based financial system of today was designed by and for the personal gain of a very select few, and keeping in mind that the only thing giving this flawed system any value is our collective agreement to its use. Surely this makes it easier for us to understand that we are the very market on which every financial instrument depends and draws its value from. 

This means that we have the collective power to take the market in whatever direction we choose, because we are the market!

Collective agreement is all it takes!

We are all one big connected tribe, here to experience life on the most beautiful planet we know, in the most significant and meaningful way possible. The Inspiration Hub and Petals, gives us the freedom to do exactly that at community level!

Petals Loyalty Points In a Nutshell

Petals are simply smart contract loyalty points, that are issued debt-free on an immutable and trusted blockchain platform, 

with their value anchored to a solid foundation of individual and collective loyalty to a regenerative economy that 

supports the health and wellbeing of people and planet. It really is that simple!

Petals loyalty points reflect the principle of rainbow Seeds and  o Seeds, and will be used as a local currency 

for the micro-circular economy generated by the Inspiration Hub.

 Petals loyalty points have the added advantage of being largely disentangled from fiat speculation 

and financial regulation and loyalty points have long been a widely accepted form of value exchange.

“People are more valuable than all the financial systems in the world, 

because people are the conscious and unconscious creators of all the value in the world”