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The Inspiration Hub

An anchor for the incubation and development of regenerative ideas

Inspiration Hub Proposal

Welcome to the Inspiration Hub

Imagine a safe, welcoming and non-judgemental space in your community, where you can experience meaningful social connection in person, where you can share your ideas, knowledge and skills, and where you can initiate momentous change through reciprocal collaboration with others of like-mind, on a myriad of worthwhile projects and socially empowering experiments.

The Inspiration Hub is an education and awareness space, that introduces a vision of health and wellbeing for people and planet, in the most creative, inspiring and empowering way.

The hub will host workshops, talks, screenings, demonstrations and exhibits of some of the most advanced and innovative natural solutions, inviting discussion on the best way to introduce them into our community, for the benefit of all.

Every vision begins with a thought and every great thought begins with inspiration!

The Inspiration Hub

Calling all like-minded individuals who envision a world with regenerative solutions 

for the health and wellbeing of communities and the Earth.

Let's be inspired to action - together!

Building a DHO

DHO (Decentralised Human Organisation)

A new type of organisation that puts people and planet first

Foundational Areas

for building our core teams



and event planning



co-ordination and collaboration


Practical operations, 

food, construction, energy etc

Value Exchange

Value creation 

and exchange

Three step process to becoming a co-creator

The Inspiration Hub is our first DHO and we are looking for our core team

to co-create a regenerative future for us and our community

Step 1

Decide which of the areas above you are 

interested in co-creating and developing

Get Involved

Step 2

Become a part of the 

Regenerative Renaissance by joining SEEDs

Receive your Invite

Step 3

Come and meet us! Connect with us

 at one of our regular gatherings

DHO  Gathering