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Welcome To the TLC Project

The TLC Project is a new vision concept that brings like-minded people together with a common goal – building a proof-of-concept Thriving Lifestyle Centre.

 We propose to begin in Sussex, UK, as a flagship and practical blueprint that can be scaled and transferred to communities everywhere.

Working in harmony with nature, the project showcases ethical and sustainable lifestyle solutions that combine cutting edge new technologies with ancient wisdom. The project is designed to bridge the gap between leaving the old and stepping into the new and is a practical demonstration of what we can achieve when we create together.

The TLC Project

A New Vision 

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. 

It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” 


Welcome To the Inspiration Hub

The Inspiration Hub is the project to lead us to the development of the TLC Project.

The Inspiration Hub is an immediate physical community centre for the purpose of anchoring ideas and projects, that support building a new community that embraces the idea of a regenerative economy. 

The Inspiration Hub

The Project  - The Movement  - The Vision

Inspiration Hub

Volunteer with our current project, the Inspiration Hub and become a part of the



A new economic system

that rewards the regeneration of the planet

and invests in the wellbeing of people and planet

TLC Project

A vision of an innovative centre

to bridge the gap between the old system and a new vision of what we can achieve when we create together

The vision is for the TLC Project to be centred around three interconnected hubs:

The Wellbeing Centre, The Exhibition Centre and The Lifestyle Centre.

Wellbeing Centre

The first hub … is a wellbeing centre, operated by well-informed holistic health practitioners, who are committed to providing the community with advanced and well researched Naturopathic therapies and treatments, including but not limited to;

naturopathic nutrition, meditation, acupuncture, breathwork, yoga, heart brain coherence and mindfulness. In addition to serving the local community, the centre will host a variety of health and wellbeing retreats for visitors and tourists from the global community

Exhibition Centre

The second hub … is an exhibition centre, that will showcase a diverse range of innovative and sustainable products, services and technologies for a healthy home and thriving lifestyle, two potential examples being Bi-ION fuel and BIOHM innovations. The centre will also catalogue the provenance and value chain of all components and features of the hub.

The exhibition centre will promote and support meaningful enterprise opportunities through worker owned co-operatives and independent businesses

 Lifestyle Centre

 The third hub … is a home and lifestyle centre as envisaged through the

 lens of a healthy and happy

 Home environment. 

The centre will be built as a show home, to demonstrate that we 

have the tools, technologies and resources to live lifestyles that 

allow us to thrive, in a way that enhances the regenerative 

abundance of Nature and 

re-connects us with ourselves,

 each other and the beautiful

 planet that we all call 


Our Mission Statement

The TEC Collective is a movement against failing government health policies, compromised public institutions and autocratic corporate cartels, and a movement dedicated to the sustained health and wellbeing of people and planet.

We are Dandy and Ray, founders of the TEC Collective and the TLC Project which we have lovingly and creatively spun over the last eight years. Our backgrounds are in sustainable and mindful lifestyle, health and wellbeing. All the things we feel passionate about are in the following pages and we invite you to join us in a movement that will empower us as individuals and as a collective, who stand together as one, with a common goal - freedom.